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9th Wonder: Producing Hits with M-Audio Monitors
M-Audio catches up with Grammy Award-winning hip-hop producer 9th Wonder to discuss music, hip-hop production and the new Studiophile BX Deluxe studio monitors.

Alpha Pup Records: Keeping it Independent
Under the visionary direction of producer/DJ Daddy Kev, Alpha Pup Records is reinventing the indie record label. Alpha Pup empowers a broad range of avant garde artists with the help of M-Audio technology—ensuring that the best music is yet to come.

Artist Performance: DJ Perplex
Check out 2008 DMC Australia champion DJ Perplex perform his winning routine using Torq DJ software.

DJ Revolution: Changing the Game with Torq
The renowned scratch DJ (known for his work on The Wake Up Show and with various hip-hop artists) demonstrates how M-Audio's Torq software is helping him take his DJ game to the next level.

Introducing Torq 1.5 Software
See how Torq 1.5 DJ software delivers a host of real-time creative tools designed to set you apart from everyone else.

Torq DJ: A Creative Revolution
With the advanced creative features Torq offers, artists are turning to the program for diverse applications. From the radio station to mix tapes, live performances to studio production, Torq empowers a variety of artists with the tools to push the limits of creativity.


Torq Tutorials—Experience the Future of DJ Technology

M-Audio created this comprehensive collection of video tutorials to help you get the most out of Torq. See how to set up and use Torq Conectiv with turntables or CDJs, then learn how to harness the power of Torq with the new Xponent all-in-one control surface. These videos will give you an in-depth tour of the Torq interface, from the basics to the most advanced techniques. Regardless of whether you’re a turntablist, CD DJ, electronic musician or a total beginner, you’ll see how Torq makes it easy to get into digital DJing—then take your sets to the next level.

LESSON 01 Setup P1

LESSON 01 Setup P2

LESSON 02 The Browser P

LESSON 02 The Browser P2

LESSON 03 Auto BPM mapping

LESSON 04 Quick Cue Points

LESSON 05 Looping

LESSON 06 Built In FX P1

LESSON 06 Built In FX P2

LESSON 06 Built In FX P3

LESSON 06 Built In FX P4

LESSON 07 Midi Mapping

LESSON 08 VST Effects

LESSON 09 Speed & Key P1

LESSON 09 Speed & Key P2

LESSON 10 Snapshots P1

LESSON 10 Snapshots P2

LESSON 11 Sampler Overview P1

LESSON 11 Sampler Overview P2

LESSON 12 Sync Feature P1

LESSON 12 Sync Feature P2

LESSON 13 Record the Master

LESSON 14 External Control

LESSON 15 Amputate Mode

LESSON 16 Line Input

LESSON 17 External Mic

LESSON 18 Cueing P2

LESSON 18 Mixer Overview

LESSON 19 Quick Scratch

LESSON 20 Function Shortcuts

LESSON 21 Shift Button